How To Check The Quality Of Apartment Renovation?

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Your new apartment has finished renovation. Hooray! You transported things, celebrated a housewarming, and suddenly began to notice a lot of shortcomings that did not immediately “rush into the eyes”: problems with switches, crooked slopes, laminate creak. You are annoyed, and the joy of moving is replaced by anger at the “crooked” hands of the builders.

Who Should Control The Quality?

In an ideal world, the assessment is carried out several times: first, the foreman – he checks the masters, then the expert of technological supervision, who can reveal hidden defects, the designer – exercises the author’s supervision and checks how the actual work performed corresponds to his project. The final result is evaluated by the customer himself.

But such a chain does not always work correctly – the foreman may simply not pay attention to how the team members did their job because it is in his interests to hand over everything as soon as possible and start a new object. Technical supervision and designer – these specialists are completely absent in many construction companies. And private teams do not bear any responsibility for the results of their work.

We are responsible for the quality, and we know that multilevel control allows you to minimize the risk of errors and reduce to zero the need for rework and, therefore, unreasonable costs. But what if you have already faced a careless team and are afraid of the consequences of poorly performed work? There is only one answer – to check it carefully personally.

How To Check The Quality Of The Repair Yourself?

The appraisal should start in advance and not at the time of renting out the apartment. So you will be able to track all stages of finishing, warn the foreman about any defects noticed and demand their correction.

Check the results of the work every week.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Our communications (sockets, water supply, sewerage) brought out as in the project?
  • Are partitions and doorways appropriate for the project?
  • Do the finishing materials look like they do in the renderings?
  • If the costs start to differ upwards from the original estimate, it makes sense to make your own calculations. And be careful.

A popular fraud scheme in the market – they call you low prices, and in the process, they say that they forgot to count the plaster or putty. As a result, the initial estimate is doubled!

At the stage of receiving the finished object, pay attention to the details:

  • Are the joints between wallpaper canvases invisible?
  • Is the painting of the walls uniform (it is better to look here with different lighting, in natural light and with a lamp)
  • Is the tile flat, and is the grout evenly spread?
  • Is the flooring even (check with a level)?
  • Are the skirting boards tight, are there any visible gaps?

Fix imperfections – write down, take photos and videos, discuss with the foreman and demand their elimination.

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